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11:26am 11-17-2010
Several days ago I saw your work at your professor Liu chun kwong 's studio in Fotan . He was so nice to talk with us his ideas
10:00pm 10-24-2010
Hey Neptune,
Thank you very much!! Haaa, my text is nonsense...
Thanks for visiting my blog as well!
1:18am 10-24-2010
Hi Joey,
I am a year 2 student and today I went to Osage and saw a piece of your work named "you are running into my eye". I like it so much. You have such a delicate painting style. Also your little lyric~haha. I read your blog and found this:想起要買幾個橙

Really feel lucky to know you.

4:45am 10-16-2010
thank you Joey!
11:19am 10-14-2010
Hi Emma,

Thanks for your message! Glad to know that you are interested in my works. I'm so sorry that I don't have original prints at this moment...need to solve some technical problem...will definitely let you know when prints are available!
Thank you very much!

7:26pm 10-13-2010

i'm living in Paris, and i'am very interested in your works... Is there any gallery here selling your original prints ?
Thank you !
11:47am 09-30-2010
Gloria and Ruth, thanks for your message!!
10:58pm 07-16-2010
Can't imagine how you can finish these lovely artworks! They are great!!!
Keep on~~~
8:25pm 06-01-2010
Hi Joey,

Saw the news from SCMP about you and the title of one of your works captured my imagination.

How can I finish you in one bite?*

By licking you with a 20 feet long tongue
By sucking you in one voluptuous kiss
By riding you on that merry-making mesmerizing dream
By holding you with such locking grips
And you break into pieces and fell on my feet
Or by paring away the wraps around your body
And leave them in shreds
By sticking thousands of you on the walls,
Lest they fall and I am totally besotted
By talking nonsensical rhymes and 9vs8
Until you’re tired and fall sleep
By collecting the Mars, the Neptune, the Milky Way, the Moon, the Sun and the Stars
In my Porter Canvas and become the universe of you

And with a little touch
Of our hands
We vowed to give each other - that bite.

*Inspired by the painting of Joey Leung with the same title.
11:42am 05-28-2010
hi katsu,
people have different rulers and value when judging. don't be too serious about those "comments" if you think art means something to you. just ask youself why do you make artworks. your answer will proves that it's not useless
add oil ar!
8:02pm 05-26-2010
Hi Joey,
I would like to know what motivated u to be an artist. You know everyone have been saying it's useless to make artworks( it's really annoying).

Bless u!
5:11pm 05-19-2010
Hey Karen,
Thank you so much for your coming!
Yes, I'm thinking about the print issue. Will let you know if it really happens!
4:59pm 05-19-2010
Hi Katsu,
Thank you!!
Add oil for your exam ar!
10:36am 05-19-2010
Hi Joey, It was nice to meet you! Your works are awesome! Does the gallery sell your original print? If so, please tell me! Thanks
Keep up your good works! Looking forwards to see more works from U!
Good Luck to your Show!!!! Love, karen
9:24pm 05-18-2010
Hi Joey,
Wish u every success in your latest art exhibition! Though I feel sorry for not visiting there( having exams) , i recommand this for my friend so that i can enjoy enjoy your works.
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