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11:08pm 08-17-2008
i like the details of each of your art work!!! looking forward to seeing more. will these gorgeous work get published?
9:26pm 07-29-2008
4:45pm 05-29-2008
hi joey, i am producer of an RTHK English TV programme "Th Works", i want interview you about your works, can you reply to my email
3:05pm 05-22-2008
really like your work =]
11:10pm 05-21-2008
Congratulations!! Great Show!!
"…瑪利有隻小綿羊 最令我愛上" hehe~
9:52am 03-12-2008
Alan, CM, thanks for your message!
6:40pm 03-08-2008
有涼瓜,哈哈哈! 噚日睇完你畫畫,玩完玩具後,我發夢,係甜wor......笑住起身~ 祝暢通!
10:00pm 02-23-2008
haha.! how interesting !
10:00pm 02-23-2008
haha.! how interesting !
11:52pm 01-22-2008
Wonder if you could get in touch with me re: collecting your work - I enjoyed it a lot. Alan. Tks.
11:13am 01-13-2008
Haley, thanks for your message! I'll work hard
tamlaw, thanks for your coming! I found that you are a poet!!
11:12pm 01-12-2008
Nice to meet you! I like your works, especially that one I saw today, u should make postcard so that i can keep it, haha~ (
Add oil & keep going~ (my place)
6:02am 01-09-2008
I've just discovered your wonderland (the site) throughout my research on drawings, I found your works are really interesting and fancy!! I couldn't stop my smile on my face while viewing your works. Looking forward to see more works from you in the future!! Support!!
12:15am 01-04-2008
9:50pm 01-02-2008
thanks for your great support that give me energy to continue, happy new year!!
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