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12:08am 06-28-2020
Dear Max,
Thank you for your message! I'm in Hong Kong and my works are inspired by my daily life. Could you please leave your email? Or you are welcome to email me directly
Best regards,
6:36pm 06-23-2020
Max Denise
I am Max Denise from South Carolina USA , I actually observed my wife has been viewing your website on my laptop and I guess she likes the contrast of your colors, I must also say you are doing great job. I would like to know your location and what inspires you. I am very much interested in the purchase to surprise my wife for our upcoming Anniversary , I would greatly appreciate if you could possibly recommend a few completed original piece, I look forward to reading from you Asap Regards , Max
12:19am 04-08-2020
Sue Searle
Hi Joey,

Hope you are well. Thanks so much for your reply. It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

Sue Searle
12:16am 04-05-2020
Dear Sue,

Thanks for your message! This oil painting is not my work~ I think it's painted by another Joey Leung;-)

Best regards,
5:54pm 03-16-2020
Sue Searle
Dear Ka-Yin,

I have found an oil painting signed Joey Leung. I hope yon't mind me asking but is it one of yours? I suspect not as your work doesn't include landscapes... or does it? I think it is someone having a joke. Am I right?

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at the photos of the painting.

Kind regards

Sue Searle (London)

1:10pm 02-20-2020
您好 :
我有寄一封邀展訊息至您的郵箱中,是關於2020春季當代藝術沙龍展,再麻煩查看 感謝您
4:13pm 01-15-2020
Dear Andrey,

Thanks for your message. I'm sorry for my late reply since I seldom check the guestbook.. Could you please leave your email or you are welcome to send me an email to

10:38pm 01-02-2020
Hi Joey,

I'm a student from Russia and I have chosen you as my theme for the project we all have to do about modern Chinese artists in our university. I would be extremely grateful if you could help me a bit as I have a few questions: to be fair, I didn't find your photo in high quality, so, if you have one, it would be increadibly useful if you send it to me via Email ; how did you decide to connect your life with Arts?; what is your attitude towards modern tendencies in Arts? (no matter East or West); and the last but not the least - are you going to visit Russia one day?

Best wishes,
9:32pm 12-14-2019
Christine Toussainte
Hi Joey,

I saw your amazing paintings at the Hong Kong Museum of Art today and thought they were sensational.

I'm a visiting curator from Australia who currently lives in Geneva (Switzerland)

I'm in Hong Kong until 28th December and wonder if I could meet you?

Are you in Hong Kong at the moment or out of town?

I should say that I'm not scouting you for any exhibition or project. I'm just a curious curator who loves exciting art and I want to find out more.

I really hope we can meet

Kind Regards

4:40pm 12-07-2018
Alice Davis
Greetings, Joey!

On behalf of LIVEFORARTS, I would like to invite you to explore the world of art with us and enjoy the facilities exclusively provided to you. It is the place where we promote creative people worldwide, helping them to sell art items, share ideas, meet craftsmen in the same field of activity and many other interesting things. We aim to expand as the largest community of artists from all over the world. LIVEFORARTS offers the best services to our members and highly represents them to all of our visitors and buyers. Therefore, we are providing our customers with a FREE FOREVER PLAN to have access to the services. The following services will be provided:

Portfolio Feature: As registered members, artists will be able to create a portfolio of works for sale.

Account Statistics: All details about visits and interaction with the audience wil be displayed in the account.

Profile Details Translated: Profile details (such as gender, field of activity, etc.) will be translated in all available languages on the website.

Profile Visits: Our artists will receive hundreds of daily visits from our community and potential buyers interested in their work.

Protected Content: All the content that artists upload in their account is protected against downloading and copying.

E-Mail Support Available 24/7: We are available at your service 24 hours to solve your issues.

We will look forward to your positive response to our cordial invitation. Thank you.
2:36am 10-27-2018
Michelle Cook
Dear Joey,

I hope this reaches you well. Art Advisory Service is an art consulting firm based out of Colorado. AAS primarily works with the hospitality industry, curating unique collections of artwork that reinforce and celebrate a sense of place and reinforce the art collection as a fundamental, rather than ornamental, an element of design. Our team has recently been awarded the new construction restaurant in Macau, Hiro - a ramen bar. We have had an intro conversation with the client and designer about the art collection's aesthetic direct, and feel your artwork would complement the desired aesthetic.

For the Ramen Bar, we are specifically looking for an artist to develop a narrative that can be translated into a short film and mural. We would have you execute the mural approximately 2,940h x 15,294w mm | 9.6h x 50w ft. The client's software development team will take the narrative and develop a short film that would be displayed on a screen at the entrance of the restaurant.

We would love to talk with you in more detail about this project and look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Cook
7:38am 02-12-2018
Xiuting Wang
Hello Joey,

I recently found your work "Under the Skin" and was really inspired by the unique combination of contemporary art and Chinese influences. Thus, I decided to write about it for my English paper (junior thesis). However, I couldn't find much information about you or the art on the internet and was wondering if you could possibly help me answer a question:
What influenced (event/upbringing, etc.) your style and current artwork, particularly "Under the Skin?"

Thank you so much!
9:02pm 12-11-2017
Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for your message!! It means a lot to me:-)
11:01pm 12-09-2017
Jacqueline Lee
Hello Joey,
I just wanted to say I love your art very much, I hold it very dear to my heart. I hope you will consider having an exhibition in America so I can see your art up close. Please continue what you are doing, it's absolutely wonderful.
3:37am 10-13-2017
HI Joey my name is Loreya, I am contacting the greatest most influential artists in many countries of the world. My hope is to have these artist use their art to stop the appeal of ivory in each of their countries. Elephants will be extinct in the next 10 years if we don't stop the nuveau rich from their insatiable acquisition of elephant tusks. The slaughter is horrific and these animals are so highly intelligent and understand death. please find somewhere in your heart to draw something that will help end the slaughter of elephants for their tusks.
Thank you
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