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11:28pm 10-11-2007
Samson Kwong
Hey. Nice works. You did a great job in your field.
10:51pm 10-11-2007
I like your "Notes" and so gald that we have a chance to "taste" your work online. Add oil!!
9:20pm 10-11-2007
chookie zoe
hey big sister~~ i am so sooooooo proud of you!!!!! hehe~~ you did a great job! you now finally have your own place to show your work and are not stucked to that lousy Y!Blog.. hahahaha
i jus can't wait to see your new masterpiece!! hehe
love you
6:51pm 10-11-2007
Louie Lui
Wow, look at you! What a artist!
I like your front page very much and .........the photos of your USA trip.

4:35pm 10-11-2007
thanks cheuk! why rabbit? because its\'s not our common memory, joking. just because i like..
hey henry, thank you! u are so supportive!
thanks hong, yes, i overcame the computer. but it really makes me sick!
1:39pm 10-11-2007
I like your front page!!! My first perception is that it is a rat....from our common memories in sec. sch....but it is actually a rabbit!

Why rabbit ar....? Why not the ratsss?!

Congratulation and I hadn't imagined that you will have your own homepage haaha! Work hard! Proud of you schoolmate!!!
1:00pm 10-11-2007
Henry (Grotto)
good website joey; congrats.
saw your work at the ICAF, our booth was next to the CU booth.
Let's talk about exhibition next year.
11:43am 10-11-2007
Dear Bitter Gourd,
Looking at your website is like browsing your life... well done! Seems that I know more about you. So you did it urself? finally overcame the computer? why don't you put up a blog link to it as well?
11:01am 10-11-2007
yes, lawman. thanks for ur comment. i thought about that before but i was lazy to do that since there are some linking words ma...hehe. i'll think think.
zip and minnie, thanks for ur visiting!! i'll update my website frequently!
2:21am 10-11-2007
Good ar.
i think: maybe you can make the mouse dissection more meaningful?
simply say, link it up with the different sections?

yes, you ask for comment ma....
11:48pm 10-10-2007
Very nice^^
and happy to see some new works!
8:37pm 10-10-2007
Minnie Chong
Hey Joey,
Finally your personal website is released!! Congrats!! The website looks good! What a great job! I'm looking forward to see more new artworks and comics soon.
7:23pm 10-10-2007
hi, welcome to my website!
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