9:02pm 12-11-2017
Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you so much for your message!! It means a lot to me:-)
11:01pm 12-09-2017
Jacqueline Lee
Hello Joey,
I just wanted to say I love your art very much, I hold it very dear to my heart. I hope you will consider having an exhibition in America so I can see your art up close. Please continue what you are doing, it's absolutely wonderful.
3:37am 10-13-2017
HI Joey my name is Loreya, I am contacting the greatest most influential artists in many countries of the world. My hope is to have these artist use their art to stop the appeal of ivory in each of their countries. Elephants will be extinct in the next 10 years if we don't stop the nuveau rich from their insatiable acquisition of elephant tusks. The slaughter is horrific and these animals are so highly intelligent and understand death. please find somewhere in your heart to draw something that will help end the slaughter of elephants for their tusks.
Thank you
2:57pm 05-13-2017
Hi Joey

My name is Suna. I love your work and I wish I could have seen them earlier in my life. Is there any books about your work I could buy? I loved your poems, they are funny yet poignant, do you have any other writing I could read? You are such a gifted writer and painter. I'm also a Chinese by heritage(from Mainland), but I believe we share similar sentiment. I haven't found many female Chinese artist that inspiring, but I fell in love with your work straight away. I'm also an artist now living in Sydney and had spent my formative years in Beijing and the UK. I wish to collect with someone whose work deeply touch me. Thank you for being such a wonderful artist to shed light in the lonely void sometimes we experience. Suna
12:01am 04-25-2017
Alice Rocheva
Hello Joey,
I'm Alice!! I am currently 17 years old and taking IB Art in high school and am doing a comparative study of a few works. I was wondering if you could please explain the concepts and ideas behind your "Oh Dear, Don't Be Hooked!" piece since I am planning on writing about it and I can't find any information on it.

Best wishes,
Alice R.
1:13am 03-30-2017
peter millard
Could you please confirm the costs for the following:
Worrywart/The Cat with Bell/expired Memory/Wishing Well/Romantic Encounters and the Despised Monday. They are beautiful and I would like to propose them for a project I am working on in London.

Thank you.
Peter Millard
10:32pm 02-13-2016
Hello Joey,

I am interesting about your works. I would like buy someone. It is possible? Send me photos and prices works for selling, please

many thanks

3:44am 11-08-2015
Peter Claesson
My name is Peter Claesson, Director of “Art For All In The World”, a non-profit organization that is giving new life to cities across the globe through public art. We take world-famous street artists into underserved communities and, together with local teams, create vibrant murals and sculptures that promote lasting change.

We are making art and culture accessible to everyone in a radically inclusive way, leaving communities with an image, message and the initiative to make their own improvements while shining a light on the work of talented artists. By working hand-in-hand with the communities, we create art that not only beautifies and inspires, but also makes a tangible difference, spurring further investment within the community and surrounding areas.

This December, Art For All In The World is launching a campaign called “Walls Of The World”. Artists like you will transform one of 100 walls around the world, culminating in an event where we will project the 100 walls together on a giant surface at a strategic location, to be determined. People will be able to see the walls before and after, along with the name of each artist who participates.

Where to Paint? Artists are encouraged to paint wherever they can obtain permission. However if it’s difficult to get permission, a good alternative would be on school walls to add vibrancy and to the atmosphere or in hospitals where a colorful environment can add to the healing process of the patients. Elderly homes or train stations. Of course, this would also require permission.

Why Walls of the World? December 5 is the International Day of Volunteering and we would like to encourage you to participate in honor of this day. We are also creating a large network of mural artists from around the world to network and interchange ideas, techniques and connections. As an offshoot of this project, we are launching other creative initiatives that will take place around the world in 2016.

When? The start date to paint for Walls of the World is determined by the artist with a deadline of December 3, 2015. We are expecting photographs of the painting process and videos if possible. We ask that you send the before and after of the wall and especially, the work-in-progress which adds greater depth to the story of your mural.

How? At your location, the artists must supply their own paint and brushes, spray, or sculpture material. In past projects, we invited the artists to participate in the mural festivals and would pay all the costs, including a vibrant program for the evenings and visit of tourism attractions. In the near future we will hire a group of artists to go around the world, contingent on donor sponsors.

What is the theme of the mural? Right now there are too many environmental and political conflicts and killings around the world. Our response has to be a positive message for change. We have a global reforestation initiative that is being launched as an agent for change. If you feel inspired to paint a message related to the power of nature to heal communities and the environment, please consider this topic. Alternatively, it is important for the artist to communicate a visual that will inspire peace on our planet and this would be your creative challenge.
I hope that you will be able to participate. If you decide to, please send us, by 20 November, the following: Your name, email address, country and a photograph (in digital form) of the wall you will be painting. Here is the email address for Walls of the World: [email protected]
Best regards,

11:45am 08-04-2015
Dear Winnie,
Thank you very much for visiting the show and your warm message! :-)
Best regards,
2:08pm 07-29-2015
Winnie Yu
Saw your artwork in the current exhibition in Shatin Heritage Museum. I fell in love with it rightaway. Please keep your creative juices flowing, I will be watching out for more and greater work from you in the future.
10:21pm 07-10-2015
Hello Peter,
Thank you for visiting my website! Nice to meet you~
Best wishes,
1:58am 07-10-2015
Peter Ignatius
Hello from San Francisco. Your sister, Queenie, is my dental hygienist. I had an appointment today with her and she told me that you were an artist. Just looked at your site with my wife. We both like your work very much. I am artist also and my wife is a graphic designer (and cat lover as you must be be after looking at your instagram page). At any rate, very impressed with your work.
10:21pm 04-25-2015
Dear Haide,

Thank you for your message! I'll participate in a group show in June. will post exhibition detail later

10:33am 04-21-2015
Hello Ka Yin,
I really like your work, would love to know when and where your next exhibition in Hong Kong will be.

7:38pm 03-31-2015
akanksha krishnani

Hope you are doing well.

I am writing to you on behalf of Team Art Throng.

We are launching an online portal for contemporary art from Asia- pacific and the Middle-East, where we are working on connecting contemporary and modern art to the world at the click of a button.

We are an online platform featuring artworks from more than 1000 emerging and established artists from across Asia –Pacific and Middle - East showcasing around more than 10,000 works ,we only intend to increase the Art-throng network within 6 months of its launch.

Partnering with the leading museums, art fairs, we also bring forth art features where we want to introduce art education for a layman and enhance it for a connoisseur.

We have been following your work for a while and would absolutely love to have you on board with us for our launch with the 'First 50 hand-picked artists' please find the attached Art Throng Pdf, which explains everything you need to know about us along with an artist profile form.

We are slated to go live in April, and we have a heavy marketing promo planned hence we are selecting only 50 artists from all over Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East for our launch.

If you have any queries, please do let us know.

Looking forward to hear form you,

Akanksha Krishnani
Art Throng
9/2 RK soc,
Juhu Scheme,
Instagram :
Twitter (WIP)
[email protected]
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