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2:08pm 07-29-2015
Winnie Yu
Saw your artwork in the current exhibition in Shatin Heritage Museum. I fell in love with it rightaway. Please keep your creative juices flowing, I will be watching out for more and greater work from you in the future.
10:21pm 07-10-2015
Hello Peter,
Thank you for visiting my website! Nice to meet you~
Best wishes,
1:58am 07-10-2015
Peter Ignatius
Hello from San Francisco. Your sister, Queenie, is my dental hygienist. I had an appointment today with her and she told me that you were an artist. Just looked at your site with my wife. We both like your work very much. I am artist also and my wife is a graphic designer (and cat lover as you must be be after looking at your instagram page). At any rate, very impressed with your work.
10:21pm 04-25-2015
Dear Haide,

Thank you for your message! I'll participate in a group show in June. will post exhibition detail later

10:33am 04-21-2015
Hello Ka Yin,
I really like your work, would love to know when and where your next exhibition in Hong Kong will be.

7:38pm 03-31-2015
akanksha krishnani

Hope you are doing well.

I am writing to you on behalf of Team Art Throng.

We are launching an online portal for contemporary art from Asia- pacific and the Middle-East, where we are working on connecting contemporary and modern art to the world at the click of a button.

We are an online platform featuring artworks from more than 1000 emerging and established artists from across Asia –Pacific and Middle - East showcasing around more than 10,000 works ,we only intend to increase the Art-throng network within 6 months of its launch.

Partnering with the leading museums, art fairs, we also bring forth art features where we want to introduce art education for a layman and enhance it for a connoisseur.

We have been following your work for a while and would absolutely love to have you on board with us for our launch with the 'First 50 hand-picked artists' please find the attached Art Throng Pdf, which explains everything you need to know about us along with an artist profile form.

We are slated to go live in April, and we have a heavy marketing promo planned hence we are selecting only 50 artists from all over Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East for our launch.

If you have any queries, please do let us know.

Looking forward to hear form you,

Akanksha Krishnani
Art Throng
9/2 RK soc,
Juhu Scheme,
Instagram :
Twitter (WIP)
10:05pm 12-27-2014
Hi Claire, thanks for your message! This is my email:

Best regards,
9:39pm 12-24-2014
I am really interested in your work. I work for a Paris based association called Maison Bleu Studio. We are looking for artist applications for our exhibition in Paris. Can i have a contact in order to send you more information?

11:08pm 03-22-2014
Leung Ka Yin
Hi Leung Ka Yin,

I saw some of your work on Your work is great!

I am a part of a Hong Kong website that just launched this week. The website is a tool for local Asian artists to display their art, and make money.

Artists submit their work to the website, the community votes on it, and the winners win cash prizes and their designs are printed on to clothing. The designers will also receive life time royalties on their winning designs, and will be featured on the site. I think your designs would do really well in the vote.

Voting starts April 1st!

1) Designers keep all intellectual property associated with their submitted designs.
2) Cash prizes range up to $500 USD
3) Royalties range up to 15% on winning designs

Leung Ka Yin

Questions? Feel free to contact us
10:33am 02-27-2014
Dear J.L.
Thanks for your message! I do what I want to do, not considering the market when I make my artworks. Yes, I'll keep developing my works and try more things. Will keep your words in mind to remind myself
4:25pm 02-25-2014
Don't formulate your painting. Find some more angles out of the commercial market. You must archieve another peak.
9:30am 12-01-2013
Julianne Abrigo
Hi Joey! I am a student at Drake University. For my modern art in China class, I needed to pick an artist and focus on their work and write a paper about it. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me. I am focusing on two of your paintings. One of them is Late Rabbit. I was wondering what your inspiration was for using fairy tales as a base for this series of paintings? Also, what is the significance of the legs in this particular painting or in general? I notice them a lot in your work. Also, what is your message to the audience using women as a base in nature or when you paint women in nature. It seems as though they make up the nature around them. I would love to get your input. Thank you so much!

You can reach me at:
10:53pm 05-14-2013
Hi Yo,

If you didn't get my email, pls kindly email me to
Thank you!

9:57pm 05-07-2013
Yo Watanabe

I am Yo Watanabe, a staff of a art store, Aquvii, located in Tokyo.

I love your works! I am interested in showing your work at our store.

Below is the info. of our store.
English HP:
Where: 2 store locations in Tokyo (Shibuya and Daikanyama)
What We Carry: Art works, jewerlies, antiques,zine, and music made by artists around the world.
Art show: Always curating an art exhibit inside of our store. Often participate in art-related events in Japan.

Let me know if you are interested in showing your works in Tokyo!


Yo Watanabe
10:34pm 02-11-2013
Eden Lee
Dear Joey,

I am a student from the City University of Hong Kong, and now taking a course “Exploring Contemporary Art”. In this course, I need to do an art review. When learning this course, I have noticed your artwork from the blog and I am eager to know more on your ideas\' development, as well as the decisions on works’ presenting ways.

I would appreciate if you could give me some time for an interview.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Eden Lee
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