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9:57pm 05-07-2013
Yo Watanabe

I am Yo Watanabe, a staff of a art store, Aquvii, located in Tokyo.

I love your works! I am interested in showing your work at our store.

Below is the info. of our store.
English HP:
Where: 2 store locations in Tokyo (Shibuya and Daikanyama)
What We Carry: Art works, jewerlies, antiques,zine, and music made by artists around the world.
Art show: Always curating an art exhibit inside of our store. Often participate in art-related events in Japan.

Let me know if you are interested in showing your works in Tokyo!


Yo Watanabe
10:34pm 02-11-2013
Eden Lee
Dear Joey,

I am a student from the City University of Hong Kong, and now taking a course “Exploring Contemporary Art”. In this course, I need to do an art review. When learning this course, I have noticed your artwork from the blog and I am eager to know more on your ideas\' development, as well as the decisions on works’ presenting ways.

I would appreciate if you could give me some time for an interview.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Eden Lee
10:39am 12-19-2012
Dear Steve and Rose,

I've replied you by email respectively. If you can't get my mail, pls kindly email me directly to

Thank you very much
11:32am 12-17-2012
Rose Wang
Hello Dear Joey Leung Ka Yin

My name is Rose Wang, and I am a journalist with Art & Design Magazine,Beijing,China.

I am very intrested in your works, and wondering weather you'd like to take an email interview with us? There is a column called "Illustration show" in our magazine, we introduce different illustrations and paitings to the chinese readers.

Please let me know what do you think.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Rose Wang
10:17am 11-28-2012
Steve Sun
Hi , I am a new gallery owner in Lambertville,nj. I am from Taiwan and really interested in your works. I wonder if I have the chance to represent your art here? Please let me know what you think.

thank you
10:26pm 11-26-2012
我們是Hong Kong Art Guide , 香港首個專門為藝術展覽而設的智能電話應用程式.

(香港 or 外地),等大衆市民便多機會
1:40pm 10-24-2012
Dear Joey,

I am a student from City University of Hong Kong, and I am studying your art work. I would like to further understand your art work. Especially your special combination between western and chinese art.

Thank you so much and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
7:53pm 08-24-2012
Stella Fair
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12:55pm 07-21-2012
你好 !










亞洲當代藝術展 2012 ﹣ Asia Contemporary Art Show 2012
4:31pm 07-18-2012
Young Visitor Katsu




徵集截止日期:2012年7月22日 (若情況特殊,可商議)

有意請致電6271 9025 或 kaitakfundraising2012@gmai​ 與戴鎧滢聯絡
11:45pm 06-21-2012
Thanks Celine! I've sent you an email. If you didn't get it. Pls email me at

10:00am 06-21-2012
Celine Lai
Dear Joey,

Let me take the liberty to write and consult your permission for using illustrations of your work for publication.

I was Christensen Fellow in Chinese Paintings at the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford during 2009─10. Between 1999 and 2011 we received a large donation of modern and contemporary Chinese paintings, including your series of Banana Fashion of 2006 and a number of works by other Hong Kong artists. Being a native of Hong Kong, I naturally selected them as my primary subject of research. (This is the link to some of the collection digitized for online view:

In October this year, the Museum plans to publish a festschrift in honour of Professor Michael Sullivan, and I contribute an article on Hong Kong arts using the collection of the museum. There I am including your scroll of Perfect Legs of 2007. May I ask if you would be so kind as to agree our using those illustrations? I will appreciate if you could let us have your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Assistant Professor in Cultural Management
Faculty of Art,
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong
9:18pm 05-27-2012
I am most interested in your works and would like to explore acquiring one. Will the work "Do You Know It's Blossoming Here?" come back to Hong Kong? I would be most interested also in your other works :-).
4:42pm 03-20-2012
Artist Pension Trust
Dear Joey Leung Ka Yin,

I am pleased to inform you that our curators at the Artist Pension Trust have been following your career and progress and we believe that you are one of the most promising artists in Hong Kong today.

I would therefore like to congratulate you for being short-listed for nomination to join the Artist Pension Trust. If successful, you will join the ranks of some of the world’s most promising contemporary artists. You can read all about our financial art investment program on our website ( Please can you provide me with your direct phone number so we can explain our process.

Tam Gryn - Artist Relations Manager |

United Kingdom-London

+44 2081330755


2:19pm 11-15-2011
Andrew Hosner
Hi there,

Very interested in inviting you to a group show here in Los Angeles, California. Please send us an email to

Thank you,

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