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9:17pm 10-08-2011
Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for your appreciation! " you are running into my eyes" is still available and I'll have a solo next year, maybe in Oct.

10:32pm 10-07-2011
Joe Pang
Hi Joey

I have been collecting your wonderfully refined works in the past few years. I am wondering if "You are running into my eyes" still available by any chance? By the way, when will you be holding a solo exhibition next?

Have a pleasant weekend
9:45pm 10-01-2011
Hi Rosan,

in "queen's mirror", swan is 鵝 which has the same pronounciation as "non-stop talking" in Cantonese.

12:36pm 09-30-2011
Hi Joey!
I'm now studying your works.
For the《皇后的鏡》,
what is the meaning of the two swans(or ducks?) on the girl's body ?
Thank you!
2:53am 08-19-2011
Thai Zhern Leing

We’re a team of friends based in Singapore (a country in South East Asia) that will be running an e-commerce store selling art prints. As we’re currently looking for artists that have an exciting and unique sense of art direction, we would love to invite you to feature on our new website!

In a nutshell, we’re a new startup which hopes to differentiate ourselves from existing sites that sell art prints by focusing on a niche group of artists that create pieces that are both quirky and fall within two categories – graphic design and illustration.

If you are interested in working with us, or just wish to find out more, feel free to drop us an email and we’d be happy to share more details about our business with you.

We look forward to your reply and future discussions about our potential collaboration!

Zhern Leing
from theBowerbirds Team
5:59pm 07-29-2011

We have chosen your work to be part of our magazine, Hater. Now, let us explain what Hater is:

"Hater. The Hype Hunting Magazine" is a collective website in which we show the world all that we really like, trying to avoid that people sleep on a real hype. 'Cause we DO believe the hype.

As you can see, the site's format is very simple. We think the most important thing here is your work. So, there's no space for long reviews or vast reports. A picture or a video plus a brief text. And, of course, a link to your website. As simple and effective as that.

Eventually, we believe that your opinions can help us improve our work. So, feel free to show us any new and interesting hypes. Hater encourages your feedback as a way of discovering all the great things that are happening out there.

Thanks for letting us hate you


PS. By the way, you can spread your hate suggesting us any other artist or joining and sharing our facebook fan page, following us in twitter, even in tumblr
5:35pm 07-28-2011
hi joey,
please email me. just enquiring to see if you will do commissions?
12:04pm 04-07-2011

I leave my contact email address here in case you may want to send me an email.

10:36am 03-30-2011
No problem then, I'll SMS you once we have finished the lunch in Shatin say around 3pm. Seeeee You soon la!

10:41pm 03-29-2011
hey eastman,

of course no problem! you can come in the afternoon. email me or sms to let me know when will u come la

see u guys!
10:57am 03-29-2011
wei wei,

Can I bring a friend with me to visit your studio this saturday? She is Chiky's wife, Joyce who likes painting as well.

btw, what time is the best visiting time?

See you and chat then,
9:37am 03-28-2011
Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for your appreciation! Yes, some of them are available for sale

11:22pm 03-26-2011
Amazing and wonderous work. I would be honored to bring a piece into my home. Are these available for sale? Beautiful!
10:15pm 03-22-2011
Jay Anderson
I love your work! Have highlighted it here with full credits to you - hope you don't mind! Cheers Jay
11:23am 03-16-2011
Dear Ka-yin,

I've got your tel from Chiky, just would like to see if you'll be available to chat over the phone tonight?

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