10:36am 03-30-2011
No problem then, I'll SMS you once we have finished the lunch in Shatin say around 3pm. Seeeee You soon la!

10:41pm 03-29-2011
hey eastman,

of course no problem! you can come in the afternoon. email me or sms to let me know when will u come la

see u guys!
10:57am 03-29-2011
wei wei,

Can I bring a friend with me to visit your studio this saturday? She is Chiky's wife, Joyce who likes painting as well.

btw, what time is the best visiting time?

See you and chat then,
9:37am 03-28-2011
Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for your appreciation! Yes, some of them are available for sale

11:22pm 03-26-2011
Amazing and wonderous work. I would be honored to bring a piece into my home. Are these available for sale? Beautiful!
10:15pm 03-22-2011
Jay Anderson
I love your work! Have highlighted it here with full credits to you - hope you don't mind! Cheers Jay
11:23am 03-16-2011
Dear Ka-yin,

I've got your tel from Chiky, just would like to see if you'll be available to chat over the phone tonight?

2:54pm 02-09-2011
hi joey, love your works. I have sent you an email about our online creative platform. Hope to hearing from you soon , cheers and thanks!
2:17pm 02-02-2011
hey katsu,
i didn't know what kind of identity that fotanian artists had before...anyway, thanks for your words! we'll continue to work hard for our art!
wish you have a happy lunar new year!
2:55pm 02-01-2011
Hi Joey,
Happy Lunar New Year! I 've read a review about this yr's Fotanian from a hk art magazine which says that Fotanian artists've losted their identity in the art circle. But wt i can see is that u're all the models of hk art students, showing how to continue ur art.

Anyway, this yr's Fotan is much more impressive than last yr's......add oil!!!

Please also say ' kung hei fat choi' to Eastman for me, thank you!
10:11pm 01-21-2011
thank you very much, kiki!
11:54pm 01-20-2011
kiki mok
thx for sharing, beautiful pieces
11:54pm 01-20-2011
kiki mok
thx for sharing, beautiful pieces
9:41pm 11-17-2010
yes, it's so inspiring to talk with prof lui!
11:26am 11-17-2010
Several days ago I saw your work at your professor Liu chun kwong 's studio in Fotan . He was so nice to talk with us his ideas
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